Civil Law


Nous répondons à vos questions sur le divorce, la pension alimentaire, la garde ou l’héritage.

Civil Law


As ALFA Law and Consultancy, with our experienced lawyers, we provide legal services in Antalya to our local and international clients for all branches of civil law.

Civil law is divided into five main branches: personal law, family law, inheritance law, property law and law of obligations.

Personal Law: Personal law, which includes concepts such as the beginning and end of personality, protection of personality, registration of personal situations, place of residence, examines associations and foundations from legal entities as well as real persons.

· Natural persons have rights that they have acquired within the legal order before their birth. Starting from this moment until the death of the real person, the person needs to be protected and to seek rights before the judicial authorities regarding the rights that the real person has acquired depending on various possibilities. Our lawyers in Antalya provide legal services for every personal law issue. Some examples are; transactions such as changing the name or surname, material and moral compensation claims related to the protection of personal rights, revocation of citizenship, legal protection against revocation, naturalization, immigration and similar issues arising from persons’ law. The need for a lawyer is essential in such requests and lawsuits.

· Similarly, there is a need to protect the rights of legal entities against regulations regarding legal entities, associations and even foundations. In such case, you can count on our experienced lawyers and our legal services in Antalya.

Family Law: As the name suggests, it examines the concept of family and, in this context, issues such as engagement, marriage, divorce, custody and lineage.

· Some of the services provided to our local and international clients in the field of Family Law are as follows:

o Termination of engagement

o Execution of divorce

o Paternity cases

o Preparation and execution of a protocol in negotiated divorces

o Material and moral compensations in divorce cases

o Execution of property liquidation after divorce

o Legal advice related to violation of custody and alimony provisions

o Adoption related issues

o Advice for property contracts between the parties to be married

Feel free to contact us to speak with our lawyers and get a detailed advice.

Inheritance Law: It is a branch of civil law that regulates the status of an individual’s property, receivables and debts after his death.

The lawyers of ALFA Law and Consultancy can support you with all the disputes that may arise around inheritance law. Some headlines of inheritance law for which we provide legal services in Turkey are as follows:

o The results of being Legal heir / appointed heir

o Sharing of Goods and Degree (Division) System

o How to Share Goods in Inheritance?

o Legal Inheritance of illegitimate Children

o Legitimate Inheritance related to Adoption

o Spouse’s Right of Inheritance and Sharing of Property in Inheritance

Property Law: It regulates the ties that the person establishes with both movable and immovable goods. Issues such as possession, land registry, real right, property, pledge are examined within this scope.

Law of Obligations: It is the branch of law in which debt and receivable relations between individuals are regulated.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions regarding above-mentioned issues. The ALFA TEAM, with its experienced lawyers in Antalya provides legal services in many languages to its local and international clients.

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