Following the amendment made in Circular No. 2019/5, issued within the scope of the Implementation Regulation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, major changes have been made in implementing the Turkish Citizenship Law, effective as of 01.01.2023. You can find the details of this new arrangement below.

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Changes Regarding The Preliminary Sales Agreement Within The Scope Of Citizenship Law

  • It is stipulated that transactions based on the preliminary sales agreement regarding the sale of real estate should be made with a single contract as of 01.01.2023. In other words, in case of signing the preliminary sales agreement for more than one real estate property, a citizenship application cannot be made even if the total price exceeds 400.000 USD.
  • Immovables purchased with a preliminary sales agreement cannot be used together with another real estate to complete the price of 400.000 USD.

Changes Regarding The Shares Of Sale Within The Scope Of Citizenship Law

It will not be possible to apply for citizenship with the jointly owned properties. For example, if two foreigners acquire real estate worth 900.000 USD in equal shares, they will not be able to apply for citizenship. Only one foreigner may be the owner of the specific property and only this specific person will be able to apply for citizenship based on the property in question.

Changes Regarding The Currency Exchange Document In The Scope Of Citizenship Law

It is stipulated in the preliminary sales agreement that the currency exchange document must be issued for the minimum amount paid in advance and at the latest on the contract date.

Other Important Changes In The Scope Of Citizenship Law

  • It has been made possible to optionally use secure payment systems offered by banks in the transfer/payment of the property. In this context, it is considered that paying with a blocked check is explicitly allowed.
  • Used real estate, subject to sale or the preliminary sales agreement should not be among the immovables transferred to a Turkish citizen/company by any foreign real person within the last three years. Acquisitions arising from work contracts are determined as an exception to this article.

The changes, the details of which we have shared above, are very important within the scope of citizenship through investment. In this context, every move and every step taken before applying for citizenship must be done correctly and completely.

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