A careful examination and research should be done before buying a real estate. This preliminary research is very important in order to obtain information about the real estate to be purchased.

Further, purchasing real estate without any examination is quite risky and may cause financial losses to the buyer in the next stages.

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The first document to be examined before purchasing any property is the title deed record. While this record contains the main information about the property to be purchased, it also contains all the past and present information on the property.

The title deed record of the property in question should be examined in detail. In case the buyer buys the property while there is a lien or mortgage on the title deed, he will be responsible for these mortgages and liens after the title deed transfer and he risks losing the property he bought.

But the following should be noted; if it is written as an annotation on the title deed after the promise of sale contract is made in the form of a notary arrangement while purchasing a property, mortgages or liens will no longer affect the buyer after this annotation.

It is seen that some of the lawsuits filed by the buyers regarding the removal of the mortgages and liens placed after the purchase date have received positive results and that the decision taken on this matter has been accepted by the court of appeal.

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After the deed examination, the second important document to examine is the zoning file from the municipality. The main purpose of examining this file in the municipality is to see the general condition of the building, flat or house. Thanks to this zoning file, it can be learned whether there are possible leaks in the building or whether there is a building registration document.

In addition, it is possible to see what the municipality’s thought about this land is in the zoning file. For example, the Municipality may have changed the zoning of the existing parcel and positioned it in a different way and reduced the floor height. In this case, it may be possible that the buyer is trying to buy an apartment from a building that is being demolished.

In addition, if the payment will be made with a bank loan, also the report prepared by the bank should be examined since the zoning files of the municipality are used as a base to prepare these reports by the bank.

Another document that should be examined before purchasing the target property is the management plan. If the property to be purchased is an apartment, monthly fees will have to be paid. In this context, it would be correct to examine it in the Management Plan.

In some cases, the fees for the site where the purchased apartment is located can reach up to the rental figures.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to examine the management plan when buying an apartment. In the management plan, there are documents showing how to live on the site and how the fees will be collected. If there is a management plan mentioning that the fees for 1+1 and 4+1 apartments shall paid in the same way, there may be a possibility that a 1+1 apartment will have to pay fees such as 4+1 apartments if the management plan is not examined while buying the property.

As mentioned above, there are several documents that need to be examined before purchasing real estate. If these documents are not examined, the buyer may face substantial financial losses.